Rhinolith: A Forgotten Identity-Series of 18 Cases with Review ofLiterature
作者: Segana Hasan Abdul Cader SKG Reghunanan Nair Fahim Ahmed Shah
刊名: An International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2017, Vol.6 (4)
来源数据库: Otolaryngology online
原始语种摘要: Introduction: Rhinolith or nasal stone is formed by mineralization within nasal cavity. Though stones are infrequently seen in nasal cavity, our experience of frequent encounter with this clinical entity prompted us to write up on this rather forgotten entity and its clinical concern. The salient features of these Rhinoliths and their relevance to clinical practice are discussed and a series of cases with their way of presentation, different varieties and diagnostic dilemmas are discussed in this article so as to unable the attending clinician to be aware of this still prevailing condition and to promote to have a high index of suspicion. Materials and methods: In this article, we present eighteen cases of rhinoliths who were admitted between January 2001 and December 2015 with unilateral...
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  • nasal 鼻的
  • epistaxis 鼻出血
  • rhinorrhea 鼻溢
  • infrequently 偶尔
  • purulent 脓的
  • cavity 
  • unilateral 片面的
  • obstruction 塞住
  • presentation 提示
  • stained 污损