Punching Strengths of Flat Plates with Vertical or InclinedStirrups
作者: Denio R. Oliveira Guilherme S. Melo Paul E. Regan
刊名: Structural Journal, 2000, Vol.97 (3)
来源数据库: American Concrete Institute
关键词: flat platespunchingshear reinforcement.
原始语种摘要: The shear reinforcement of flat plates involves problems in both design and execution. This paper introduces a novel form of inclined stirrups that is simple to make and to install, and reports the results of tests of slabs with such reinforcement. Companion tests of slabs without shear reinforcement and slabs with vertical stirrups are also reported. The inclined stirrups are shown to function well and pro-duce punching resistances superior to those obtained with vertical stirrups. Comparisons are made between the experimental results and predictions based on both ACI 318-95 and the CEB-FIP Model Code MC90, and proposals are made for improving the lat-ter design method.
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  • vertical 垂线
  • inclined 倾斜的
  • reported 报告的
  • reinforcement 放大
  • shear 切变
  • reports 判例汇编
  • improving 改进
  • paper 
  • those 
  • superior 优秀的