Determination of species and instars of the larvae of the Afrotropical species of Thanatophilus Leach, 1817 (Coleoptera, Silphidae)
作者: Daniel, ClaireMidgley, JohnVillet, Martin
刊名: African Invertebrates, 2017, Vol.58 , pp.1-10
来源数据库: Pensoft Publishers Ltd.
原始语种摘要: Thanatophilus micans and T. mutilatus have significance for forensic entomology. Their larvae are therefore described and a key is provided for identifying the larvae of Afrotropical Silphidae based on morphological characters. It is shown that seven common species of Thanatophilus can be distinguished by a 360 bp mtDNA sequence from the cytochrome oxidase I gene.
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  • 昆虫学 法庭
  • Coleoptera 鞘翅目
  • larvae 幼虫
  • species 
  • forensic 法庭
  • entomology 法庭
  • identifying 识别
  • distinguished 著名的
  • therefore 因此
  • common 普通
  • cytochrome 细胞色素