Conductive and Non-conductive Dislocations in Bi–Sb Topological Insulators
作者: Hiromu HamasakiYuki TokumotoKeiichi Edagawa
刊名: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 2020, Vol.89 (2)
来源数据库: The physical Society of Japan
DOI: 10.7566/JPSJ.89.023703
原始语种摘要: Electrical resistivity measurements were performed for plastically deformed Bi–Sb topological insulators to investigate the formation of one-dimensional gapless states along dislocations, which has been previously discussed theoretically. Micrometer-sized samples were used for the measurements, so as to investigate the correlation between local dislocation density and electrical resistivity. Two types of samples with different deformation orientations were prepared; the dislocations introduced in one type satisfy the theoretical condition for the formation of gapless conductive states while those in the other do not. The former type of samples exhibited much reduced resistivity in a low temperature region below 50 K, compared with the latter or undeformed samples, which can be attributed...
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  • conductive 导电的
  • resistivity 电阻率
  • Micrometer 千分尺
  • formation 建造
  • attributed 属性
  • undeformed 未变形的
  • sized 过筛的
  • gapless 无间隙
  • topological 拓扑的
  • investigate