Kerion Celsi: A case report
作者: Gabriela Miranda MendesBrunnella Alcantara Chagas de FreitasJoão Ricardo Leão OliveiraMatheus Fonseca CardosoEduardo Costa PachecoHugo Henrique Morais da Vitória
作者单位: 1Pediatrics Resident, Department of Medicine and Nursing, Federal Universityof Viçosa/UFV.
2Pediatrician, Assistant Professor and Preceptor of the Medicine Course andPediatric Residency, Department of Medicine and Nursing, UFV.
3Medical Student, Department of Medicine and Nursing, Federal University ofViçosa/UFV.
刊名: Residência Pediátrica, 2019, Vol.9 (1), pp.66-69
来源数据库: Brazilian Society of Pediatrics
DOI: 10.25060/residpediatr-2019.v9n1-10
关键词: InfectionFungiGriseofulvinKetoconazole
原始语种摘要: Abstract Objectives: To present the case of a patient with superficial fungal infection of the hairshaft and leaflets of the scalp, called Kerion celsi. Methods: A 7-year-old male patient with erythematous lesions, alopecia and cervicallymphadenomegaly, followed during hospitalization for 7 days and for 60 days inperiodic returns. The diagnosis of Kerion celsi and treatment with Griseofulvin(500 mg / day) for 60 days and ketoconazole shampoo were established. Results: There was a complete solution of the lesions after treatment with Griseofulvin(500 mg / day) for 60 days and Ketoconazole shampoo, but with permanence ofalopecia. Conclusions: Tinea capitis is a fungal infection of the scalp that most often presents withareas of overdose and hair loss. Kerion celsi is a severe manifestation...
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  • Griseofulvin 灰黄霉素
  • capitis 头摇
  • alopecia 脱发
  • fungal 真菌的
  • erythematous 红斑状的
  • superficial 表面的
  • ketoconazole 酮康唑
  • infection 感染
  • shampoo 洗发剂
  • overdose 过剂量