Extraordinary anisotropic thermal expansion in photosalient crystals
作者: Khushboo YadavaGianpiero GalloSebastian BetteCaroline Evania MulijantoDurga Prasad KarothuIn Hyeok ParkRaghavender MedishettyPan&ccarone NaumovRobert E. DinnebierJagadese J. Vittal
作者单位: 1Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, S8-05-03, 3 Science Drive 3, 117543, Singapore
2Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Heisenbergstrasse 1, D70569 Stuttgart Germany
3New York University Abu Dhabi, 129188, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
刊名: IUCrJ, 2020, Vol.7 (Pt 1), pp.83-89
来源数据库: International Union of Crystallography
DOI: 10.1107/S2052252519014581
关键词: Solid-state reactions[2+2] cycloadditionsPhotosalient effectsThermal expansionMetal complexesCrystal engineeringMechanochemistryProperties of solidsOrganic solid-state reactionsMolecular crystalsMinistry of Education - SingaporeWBS R-143-000-A12-114Ministry of Education - SingaporeWBS R-143-000-B13-114
原始语种摘要: Although a plethora of metal complexes have been characterized, those having multifunctional properties are very rare. This article reports three isotypical complexes, namely [Cu(benzoate)L 2 ], where L = 4-styrylpyridine (4spy) (1), 2″-fluoro-4-styrylpyridine (2F-4spy) (2) and 3″-fluoro-4-styrylpyridine (3F-4spy) (3), which show photosalient behavior (photoinduced crystal mobility) while they undergo [2+2] cycloaddition. These crystals also exhibit anisotropic thermal expansion when heated from room temperature to 200°C. The overall thermal expansion of the crystals is impressive, with the largest volumetric thermal expansion coefficients for 1, 2 and 3 of 241.8, 233.1 and 285.7 × 10−6 K−1, respectively, values that are comparable to only a handful of other reported materials...
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  • thermal 热的
  • expansion 膨胀
  • anisotropic 非均质的
  • solid 固体
  • properties 道具
  • Singapore 新加坡
  • state 状态
  • Ministry 
  • materials 工业三废
  • cycloaddition 环加