Development and Validation of First Order Derivative Spectrophotometric Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Atorvastatin Calcium and Aspirin in Capsules
作者: Padmavathi YRaghavendra Babu NRavi Kumar PSowmya DRohini K
作者单位: 1Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, G. Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy, Osmania University, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana , India
刊名: Der Pharma Chemica, 2019, Vol.11 (2), pp.36-42
来源数据库: Scholars Research Library
关键词: Atorvastatin calciumAspirinDerivative spectroscopyZero crossing pointCorrelation coefficientICH guidelines
原始语种摘要: A simple UV spectrophotometric method using first order derivative technique was developed for the simultaneous estimation of atorvastatin calcium and aspirin in capsules. The atorvastatin calcium and aspirin stock solutions were prepared in (50: 50 v/v) methanol: water and scanned in UV- region for first order derivative spectrum. The zero crossing point for atorvastatin calcium and aspirin was 243 nm and 276 nm respectively. Linearity was established over the concentration range of 6-14 μg/ml and 20-100 μg/ml for atorvastatin calcium and aspirin with correlation coefficient (r2) value 0.998 and 0.999 respectively. The method was validated according to ICH guidelines for validation parameters like accuracy, precision, limit of detection and limit of quantification. They found to be...
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  • aspirin 阿司匹林
  • capsules 微囊农药
  • crossing 交差点
  • calcium 
  • derivative 衍生物
  • estimation 估计
  • coefficient 系数
  • simultaneous 同时的
  • quantitative 量的
  • point