Strong seasonality and clear choice of resting plant in a Neotropical harvestman (Arachnida: Opiliones)
作者: Guilherme Ferreira PagotiRodrigo Hirata Willemart
刊名: The Journal of Arachnology, 2015, Vol.43 (2), pp.207-213
来源数据库: BioOne Complete
DOI: 10.1636/P14-68
关键词: Microhabitat selectionphenologystenochronemark-recaptureSclerosomatidae
原始语种摘要: Preliminary observations suggested that the Neotropical harvestman Jussara sp. (Sclerosomatidae, Eupnoi) had a patchy distribution and a marked seasonality, comparable to species in the Northern hemisphere. This would be an unusual pattern, since conditions of temperature and humidity are very different between tropical and temperate environments. Using a mark-recapture method, we investigated the phenology, habitat use and individual movement of Jussara sp. in a tropical rainforest in southern Brazil. We found a very marked seasonality in the population of adults, with a positive correlation between temperature, humidity and number of adults found. Adults were found only in the wet and warm months and significantly preferred the plant Psycothria suterella (Rubiaceae) as a resting...
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  • seasonality 季节性
  • Arachnida 蛛形纲
  • choice 选择
  • spending 经费
  • capture 捕获
  • resting 休息的
  • often 往往
  • their 他们的
  • found 创立
  • evidence