Output impacts of the interaction between foreign direct investment and domestic credit
作者: Hong ChenBaljeet Singh
作者单位: 1China Institute of Economic Transformation and Opening, Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-Sen University , Changzhou, China
2School of Economics, The University of the South Pacific , Suva, Fiji
刊名: Studies in Economics and Finance, 2017, Vol.34 (3), pp.331-343
来源数据库: Emerald Journal
DOI: 10.1108/SEF-02-2016-0044
关键词: OutputForeign direct investmentDomestic creditPacific Island countries
原始语种摘要: Purpose(#br)This paper aims to examine the link among foreign direct investment (FDI), domestic credit expansion and economic growth for six Pacific Island countries. (#br)Design/methodology/approach(#br)Using panel data over 1982-2011, the authors relate the interaction between domestic credit to private sector and FDI to its impacts on output. This study makes use of panel cointegration and the generalized method of moments estimators. (#br)Findings(#br)The empirical results generally show that FDI and domestic credit to private sector serve as substitutes to promote output in these small economies. Such findings are robust to a number of sensitivity tests. (#br)Originality/value(#br)This study contributes to the literature by examining the interaction between domestic credit to private...
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  • credit 信用
  • domestic 国产的
  • investment 投资
  • direct 直接的
  • between 在中间
  • sector 
  • foreign 外国的
  • panel 
  • interaction 相互酌
  • FDI Failure Detection And Isolation