Modelling of unsteady spatially distributed drying parameters assessed non-destructively in a small industrial food dryer
作者: Waseem Amjada*Anjum MuniraLiaqat Ali ShahidbBarbara Sturmc
刊名: American Journal of Agricultural Research, 2020, Vol.5
来源数据库: eScience Publisher
DOI: 10.28933/ajar-2019-07-1805
关键词: Unsteady modellingReal time data acquisitionImage analysis
原始语种摘要: Modelling of unsteady moisture diffusion in relation of product temperature become complex due to complexity involve in solving complex numerical equations. In this study, a simplified methodology (determination of drying parameters: lag factor and drying constant) used to model change in food quality with its temperature in an industrial dryer using potato slices (6mm thick, 60°C). A shiftable real time data acquisition box was developed. Linear and exponential models were developed to estimate product quality as a function of dimensionless moisture ratio, linked with change in product temperature. The experimental and models predicted color kinetics using variable values of lag factor and drying constant revealed good correlation coefficients (R2 = 0.88-0.99, P ˂ 0.0001). The change in...
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  • dryer 干燥机
  • industrial 工业的
  • distributed 分布的
  • drying 干燥
  • correlation 对比
  • parameters 参数
  • estimate 估计
  • methodology 方法学
  • successfully 成功地
  • quality 品质