Hierarchical Linear Model for Investigating Effect of Built Environment on Bus Transit
作者: Liyuan ZhaoShuxian WangJialing WeiZhong-Ren Peng
作者单位: 1HuaZhong Univ. of Science and Technology
2Univ. of Florida
刊名: Journal of Urban Planning and Development, 2020, Vol.146 (3)
来源数据库: The American Society of Civil Engineers Journal
DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)UP.1943-5444.0000568
关键词: Built environmentTransit trip ratesSpatial optimizationHierarchical linear model
原始语种摘要: AbstractBecause proper urban planning and design can improve transit sharing, the impact of the built environment on transit use has attracted the attention of many researchers. Factors with different geographical scales such as individual characteristics, neighborhood built environment, and regional features can influence transit use. However, the nested structure of geographical scales has not been considered in previous research studies. By considering the nested geographic features, a bilevel hierarchical linear model (HLM) is established in this study to explore the combined influence of the surrounding built-environment factors at the neighborhood level and the socioeconomic variables at the regional level on bus transit trip rates. The model is implemented based on land-use data...
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  • features 特征
  • built 建造
  • hierarchical 分级
  • neighborhood 邻域
  • optimization 最佳化
  • geographical 地理的
  • scales 天平
  • sharing 共用
  • regional 地方的
  • improving 改进