A revised ocean glider concept to realize Stommel's vision and supplement Argo floats
作者: Erik M. BruvikIlker FerKjetil VågePeter M. Haugan
作者单位: 1Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
2Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
3Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway
刊名: Ocean Science, 2020, Vol.16 (2), pp.291-305
来源数据库: Copernicus Journal
DOI: 10.5194/os-16-291-2020
原始语种摘要: This paper revisits Stommel's vision for a global glidernetwork and the Argo design specification. A concept of floats with wings,so-called slow underwater gliders, is explored. An analysis of theenergy or power consumption shows that, by operating gliders with half thevehicle volume at half the speed compared to present gliders, the energyrequirements for long-duration missions can be met with available batterycapacities. Simulation experiments of slow gliders are conducted using thehorizontal current fields from an eddy-permitting ocean reanalysis product.By employing a semi-Lagrangian, streamwise navigation whereby the glidersteers at right angles to ocean currents, we show that the concept isfeasible. The simulated glider tracks demonstrate the potential forefficient coverage of...
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  • glider 滑翔机
  • vision 视力
  • realize 体会
  • navigation 航行
  • ocean 大洋
  • specification 说瞄
  • floats 铰接
  • underwater 海下
  • simulated 模拟试验
  • demonstrate 说明