Queering the Data: The Somatechnics of English Early Childhood Education and Care Teachers
作者: Nikki Fairchild
刊名: Somatechnics, 2020, Vol.10 (1), pp.52-72
来源数据库: Edinburgh University Press
DOI: 10.3366/soma.2020.0300
关键词: Agential cutsAssessment dataBaradECEC teachersHigher educationIntra-action
原始语种摘要: Education has increasingly been consumed by neoliberal expectations that result in the need for data to be collected to justify regulative, pedagogical, curricular, and teaching practices. The marketisation of higher education requires more quantitative measurement of student attainment and progress which impacts on pedagogy and provision. Working with Karen Barad's theorisations of spacetimemattering, agential cuts, intra-action, and diffractive analysis, I draw on research with Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) teachers who were working and concurrently studying on a degree programme. Empirical data was generated from a focus group discussing the influences of data recording software on the teachers and their professional practice, the devices used as part of the recording...
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  • expectations 期待的事物
  • technicist 技术员
  • practice 实践
  • rethink 再想
  • discuss 议论
  • working 开采
  • attainment 成就
  • provision 供应品
  • dividual 分开的
  • process 过程