Navigating Apocalyptic Affects: Generating Posthuman Cartographies of Resistance to Capitalist Realism
作者: Delphi Carstens
刊名: Somatechnics, 2020, Vol.10 (1), pp.95-114
来源数据库: Edinburgh University Press
DOI: 10.3366/soma.2020.0302
关键词: AffectAfrofuturismAlienationAnthropocene / CapitaloceneDeleuze and GuattariMythotechnesisPosthumanismQueer science-fictionSonic fictionSymptomatology
原始语种摘要: Humans find themselves inhabiting an uncanny milieu of accelerated cultural transition, uncertainty, and geopolitical crisis. The transformation of human and nonhuman worlds in the wake of technological progress narratives have raised troubling ontological spectres. ‘How’, for instance, ‘do we conceive of being when the distinction between organic and machinic dissolves, when reality is folded into virtuality, [when] the body is morphed by technology, and [when] computer networks digitise knowledge?’ (Davis 1994: 1). As material relational agents, technological media leave phenomenological traces in the bodies they penetrate. ‘How do they touch us … do they merely reflect off our skin [and] the surface of our internal organs?’ ( Dunne 2005 :107). Electromagnetic frequencies that...
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  • spectacular 场面壮观的电视表演
  • themselves 本身
  • pedagogy 教育学
  • merely 仅仅
  • reflect 反射
  • technological 工芝的
  • fiction 虚构
  • alienation 精神错乱
  • conceive 想象
  • transformation 变换