Coincidental crystalline light chain cast nephropathy, light chain proximal tubulopathy, and urine crystallopathy: A case report and review of the literature
作者: Gabriel LernerSara MoradiAbraham Cohen-BucayHui ChenVaishali SanchorawalaCraig E. GordonJoel M. Henderson
刊名: Clinical Nephrology, 2020, Vol.93 (4), pp.203-208
来源数据库: Dustri-Verlag Dr. Karl Feistle GmbH & Co. KG
DOI: 10.5414/CN109770
原始语种摘要: Plasma cell dyscrasias, including multiple myeloma (MM), are associated with diverse forms of pathology in the kidney. Some pathologic lesions, including light chain (myeloma) cast nephropathy (LCCN), are relatively common, while others, such as light chain proximal tubulopathy (LCPT), are less so. Both LCCN and LCPT are associated with clinical manifestations of acute kidney injury. Rare instances of coincidental LCPT and LCCN have been reported, but none to our knowledge of coincidental crystalline forms of these diseases, with similar forms appearing in the urine. While LCPT is usually associated with intracytoplasmic deposition of crystallized light chains, the intraluminal light chain casts in LCCN are typically amorphous and do not form crystals. We report here the co-occurrence of...
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  • crystalline 晶质的
  • light 
  • urine 尿
  • observe 遵守
  • nephropathy 肾病
  • proximal 接近的
  • myeloma 骨髓瘤
  • chain 
  • morphology 形态学
  • amorphous 非晶质的