The Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union in the preliminary reference interpretation, source of a renewed jurisdictional dialogue
作者: Charlotte Denizeau-Lahaye
刊名: Collected papers of the faculty law in Split, 2020, Vol.57 (1), pp.13-22
来源数据库: Faculty of Law University of Split Croatia
关键词: Previous questionEU lawCharter of Fundamental Rights
原始语种摘要: In order to answer various questions which represent the foundation of this paper, above all, one must focus on dialogue participants. The first participant of the dialogue in question is the national judge. The other is the Luxembourg judge, who has as their mission the interpretation of the legal regulations of the Union.Further in this paper dialogue conditions are considered and the conclusion is reached that dialogue is not so easy as for the rest of primary law. The Charter on the Fundamental Rights of the European Union has the same value as the contract, but does not have the same scope on the basis of article 51. This limitation influences the acceptability of posed questions.Finally, based on concrete examples, the very effects of these questions and Court judgements are...
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  • rights 权利
  • dialogue 对话
  • Union 联合牌手表
  • interpretation 判读
  • European 欧洲人
  • article 冠词
  • fundamental 基本的
  • renewed 经缝补
  • legal 正当的
  • reference 基准电压源