The Effect of Inventory Turnover Period on the Profitability of Listed Nigerian Conglomerate Companies
作者: Sunusi GarbaBoudiab MouradMuhammad Adamu Chamo
刊名: International Journal of Financial Research, 2020, Vol.11 (2)
来源数据库: Sciedu Press
DOI: 10.5430/ijfr.v11n2p287
原始语种摘要: This study analyses the association concerning inventory turnover management and Nigerian conglomerate firms’ profitability. The study is used a historical panel data analysis. Data were generated from the yearly accounts of listed firms from 2007 to 2016. The population of the study consists of six conglomerate firms registered on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Feasible generalized least square (FGLS) regression was utilized as tools of analysis in the study. The findings establish that inventory turnover management affects Nigerian conglomerate companies’ profitability inversely associated to the profitability of the listed conglomerate firms in Nigeria. The study suggests that there must be regular stock-taking to determine eventually, the slothful stocks to dodge over venture in such...
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  • profitability 盈利能力
  • inventory 库存量
  • stocks 足枷
  • obsolescence 逐渐过时
  • management 管理
  • listed 坏布边
  • conglomerate 砾岩
  • venture 冒险
  • panel 
  • demand 需用电力