A computational modelof phonotactic acquisition
作者: Ildikó Emese Szabó
作者单位: 1New York University
刊名: Linguistic Variation, 2020, Vol.20 (1), pp.3-32
来源数据库: John Benjamins Publishing Company
DOI: 10.1075/lv.16011.sza
关键词: PhonotacticsExceptionalityFunctional loadPerceptionHungarian
原始语种摘要: Abstract This paper presents a model that connects phonotactic exceptionality to perceptibility, more specifically tofunctional load and acoustic detail. I identify two patterns in exceptionality: lexical exceptions and phonotactic vacillation,where the former is restricted to specific lexical items, while the latter affects two contrastive sound categories as a whole.Through the example of Hungarian word-final phonotactics, the Model of Perceptual Categorization associates these two patternswith different functional load and acoustic properties of contrasts, that lead to two categorizational malfunctions. On the onehand, phonotactic vacillation is a result of a frequent failure to categorize ambiguous tokens: low functional load coincidingwith little acoustic difference. On the other...
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  • vacillation 摇摆
  • lexical 词汇的
  • phonotactics 音位结构学
  • categorize 分类
  • acquisition 捕获
  • perceptibility 感觉力
  • brought 引起
  • computational 计算的
  • functional 功能的
  • acoustic 声的