Epidemiological Description of a Protracted Cholera Outbreak in Hagadera Refugee Camp and the Surrounding Host Community within Fafi Sub County and Garissa County in Kenya during March-September 2019
作者: Kadra N. Abdullahi
刊名: Epidemiology - Open Journal, 2019, Vol.4 (1)
来源数据库: Openventio Publishers
DOI: 10.17140/EPOJ-4-116
关键词: CholeraOutbreakKenyaGarissaProtractedHagaderaEpidemiologicalDescriptive.
原始语种摘要: Background On 27th March 2019, the Hagadera Refugee Camp reported an outbreak of acute watery diarrhea. An investigation was initiated to confirm the causative organism and define the epidemiology of the outbreak to support evidence-based control measures. Method A suspected case was a resident of Hagadera Refugee Camp or the surrounding community with a sudden onset of acute watery diarrhea and vomiting between March 27 and September 16, 2019. A probable case was defined as a suspected case with a positive rapid test for Vibrio cholerae; a confirmed case was a probable case with a positive stool culture for V. cholerae. We conducted a systematic case finding by visiting health facilities and villages. We reviewed patient records to identify suspected cholera casepatients. We conducted a...
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  • outbreak 爆发
  • cholera 霍乱
  • September 九月
  • serotype 血清型
  • confirmed 已确认的
  • suspected 涉嫌
  • diagnostic 诊断的
  • conducted 有陪同的
  • attack 侵蚀
  • fatality 致死率