The key to key presses: eSports game input streaming and copyright protection
作者: Scott M. KellyKirk A. Sigmon
刊名: Interactive Entertainment Law Review, 2018, Vol.1 (1), pp.2-16
来源数据库: Edward Elgar Publishing
DOI: 10.4337/ielr.2018.01.01
关键词: ESportsUser inputStreamingVideo gamesGame replaysCopyrightHot newsWorld Chess
原始语种摘要: The eSports industry has exploded, in no small part due to the ease with which exciting matches may be watched. Many modern video games stream game user inputs to viewers, rather than bandwidth-intensive video. These game input streams can be used by the viewers’ game clients to perfectly reproduce a match in real-time. In World Chess U.S. v. Chessgames Services, a U.S. District Court held that allegedly pilfered chess game moves, as facts, were neither subject to copyright protection nor eligible for ‘hot news’ misappropriation. But might video game input streams (as facts, per the World Chess court) nonetheless be eligible for copyright protection to the extent that the input data corresponds to a copyright-eligible game performance? After all, input streams are significantly more...
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  • input 输入
  • copyright 版权
  • faithful 诚实的
  • allegedly 据说
  • eligible 符合被推选条件
  • protection 保护
  • streaming 
  • exciting 激动人心的
  • modern 现代的
  • chess 国际象棋