Physical implications of electroweak monopole
刊名: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 2019, Vol.377 (2161)
来源数据库: Royal Society
原始语种摘要: The electroweak monopole in the standard model, the existence, characteristic features, cosmological production and physical implications are discussed. The discovery of the Higgs particle has been thought to be the ‘final’ test of the standard model. If the standard model is correct, however, it must have the electroweak monopole as the electroweak generalization of the Dirac monopole. This means that the detection of this monopole should become the final and topological test of the standard model. If detected, it becomes the first magnetically charged and stable topological elementary particle in the history of physics. Moreover, it has deep implications in physics. In cosmology, it could generate the primordial magnetic black holes which could explain the dark matter, become the seed...
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  • monopole 单极
  • reformulate 改订
  • standard 标准
  • discuss 议论
  • issue 
  • successfully 成功地
  • become 成为
  • meeting 相遇
  • magnetically 磁性上
  • intergalactic 星系际的