Superconductivity in Palladium Hydride Systems
作者: Tatsuya KawaeYuji InagakiSi WenSouhei HirotaDaiki ItouTakashi Kimura
刊名: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 2020, Vol.89 (5)
来源数据库: The physical Society of Japan
DOI: 10.7566/JPSJ.89.051004
原始语种摘要: The superconductivity of palladium–hydride (Pd–H) system was discovered by Skoskiewicz in 1972. Thereafter, many studies have been carried out on Pd–H and palladium deuteride (Pd–D) systems along with their alloyed (Pd–metal–H) systems. In this paper, we present a brief overview of superconducting properties of these systems. First, we describe methods for H loading into Pd, in which three principal techniques, i.e., gas loading, electrochemical loading, and H implantation are introduced. Next, we briefly summarize the superconducting properties of Pd–H(D) systems, e.g., the concentration dependence of the transition temperature T c, inverse isotope effect, critical field, pressure dependence of T c, and the impurity effects. Subsequently, we describe our recent...
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  • temperature 温度
  • transition 转移
  • absorption 吸收
  • dependence 从属
  • deuteride 氘化物
  • powders 粉料
  • loading 加负载
  • palladium 
  • prepared 有准备的
  • properties 道具