Giant Tunneling Magnetoresistance in MgO-Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
作者: Shinji Yuasa
刊名: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 2008, Vol.77 (3)
来源数据库: The physical Society of Japan
DOI: 10.1143/JPSJ.77.031001
关键词: magnetoresistanceTMRmagnetic tunnel junctionAl–OMgOspintronics
原始语种摘要: A magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ), which consists of a thin insulating layer (a tunnel barrier) sandwiched between two ferromagnetic electrode layers, exhibits tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) due to spin-dependent electron tunneling. Since the discovery of room-temperature (RT) TMR effect in 1995, MTJs with an amorphous aluminum oxide (Al–O) tunnel barrier have been studied extensively. The Al–O-based MTJs exhibit magnetoresistance (MR) ratios up to about 70% at RT and are currently used in the read heads of hard disk drives and magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM). MTJs with MR ratios significantly higher than 70% at RT, however, are needed for next-generation spintronic devices. In 2001, first-principle theories predicted that the MR ratios of epitaxial Fe/MgO/Fe MTJs with a...
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  • barrier 堡坝
  • tunneling 隧道效应
  • importance 重要性
  • ratios 遗传比率
  • applications 应用程序
  • great 大的
  • about 大约
  • fully 充分
  • developed 开发
  • because 由干