Seismic Tremors and Their Relation to Cryosphere Dynamics in April 2015 around the Lützow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica
作者: Masaki KanaoTakahiko MurayamaMasa-Yuki YamamotoYoshiaki Ishihara
作者单位: 1National Institute of Polar Research, Research Organization of Information and Systems, Tokyo, Japan
2Japan Weather Association, Tokyo, Japan
3Kochi University of Technology, Kochi, Japan
4Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Kanagawa, Japan
刊名: International Journal of Geosciences, 2017, Vol.8 (8), pp.1025-1047
来源数据库: Scientific Research Publishing Journal
DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2017.88058
原始语种摘要: Characteristics and statistics of seismic tremors occurring during April 2015were investigated by using short-period and broadband seismographs deployedat Syowa Station (SYO), in the Lützow-Holm Bay (LHB), East Antarctica.In order to examine a relationship between surface environments in particularcryosphere variation, the MODIS satellite images were utilized forcomparison with the detected tremor events. Since a large volume of sea-icewas discharged during the April, together with several large icebergs passedthrough from the west to the east at northern edge of the fast sea-ice of LHB,it was expected to detect seismic tremors involving cryospehre dynamics.During the month, a total number of 49 tremor events including short durationice shocks were identified. Majority of the events (N =...
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  • April 四月
  • crashing 撞击声
  • Antarctica 南极洲
  • expected 预期
  • short 短的
  • statistics 统计
  • events 定时
  • between 在中间
  • iceberg 冰山
  • seismic 地震的