A study on HE Hong and his Dto-mba manuscripts
作者: Li Xiaoliang
刊名: Journal of Sino-Western Communications, 2014, Vol.6 (1)
来源数据库: Institute of Sino-Western Communications
关键词: Harvard-Yenching LibraryHe HongDto-mba manuscripts
原始语种摘要: He Hong was one of late Qing Dynasty well-known Dto-mba,native Naxi priests, in Baisha 白沙, Lijiang 丽江, but none of Dto-mbamanuscripts written by He Hong spread among the people. AmericanHarvard-Yenching Library has uploaded its Dto-mba manuscripts of Naxi on itsofficial website. Most of the Dto-mba manuscripts collection are characterisedby the following features: relatively older version, good appearance, fluent andelegant writing, and the portraits are true to life. Therefore, Harvard Dto-mbamanuscripts collections are definitely rare collections. Some of thesemanuscripts were written by He Hong. This paper focuses on several aspects ofthe title pages, writing style, postscripts of He Hong’s manuscripts in order tobetter understand the characteristic of the Dto-mba manuscripts of Baisha.
全文获取路径: Institute of Sino-Western Communications 

  • definitely 明确地
  • writing 记录
  • people 民族
  • written 成文
  • understand 理解
  • relatively 比较
  • native 国产的
  • fluent 聋的
  • paper 
  • collection 收集