Numerical Analysis of Safety on Waste-Dumping Cover-Slope out of the Tailings Dam
作者: Kai YangShu Ran LvChun Xue Wang
作者单位: 1Capital University of Economics and Business
刊名: Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, Vol.2974 , pp.178-184
来源数据库: Trans Tech Journal
DOI: 10.4028/
关键词: SeepageAnti-Sliding StabilityTailing DamWaste-Dumping Cover-Slope
原始语种摘要: Mining companies intend to solve the problem of waste dump and reduce the production cost by dumping a large number of waste soils to cover slope outside the running tailings. Therefore, in order to discuss the safety of waste dump slope covering in front of the tailings dam, numerical method was adopted to study the seepage-line change law, the pore water pressure and anti-sliding safety before and after the waste dump covering out of tailings dam. The researches show that the key to waste-dump slope safety are the drainage performance of waste dump bottom layer and the anti-sliding safety of waste dump soil. The appropriate waste dump slope work can improves the tailings dams safety and solves the waste dump problem in mining production.
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  • tailings 尾渣
  • waste 岩屑
  • safety 安全
  • covering 覆盖物
  • sliding 滑动
  • bottom 底壁
  • problem 题目
  • reduce 减少
  • intend 企图
  • discuss 议论