Evapotranspiration of Technical Substrates – Methodology for Calculating Evapotranspiration of Technical Substrates
作者: Oliver WeissBernhard ScharfUlrike Pitha
作者单位: 1University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Peter-Jordan Strasse 82, 1190 Vienna, Austria
刊名: Journal of Ecological Engineering, 2019, Vol.20 (9)
来源数据库: Polish Society of Ecological Engineering (Branch in Lublin)
关键词: TranspirationEvaporationWater balanceEquationFormula
原始语种摘要: Existing formula, like the well-known Penman-Monteith equation, for calculating evapotranspiration possess great differences concerning their results. Causes for that are the different climatic conditions and vegetation specifics during their development. Every formula of evapotranspiration only delivers 100 % correct results, if it is used under the same climatic condition it was developed in. Therefore a new method for calculating evapotranspiration via specific, but comparatively easy established, formula is presented. After a theoretical introduction for illustrating some fundamental aspects for this work, the test setup and approach for creating these formula are described in detail. The test set up considers typical climatic conditions and simulates, for example, the average...
全文获取路径: 波兰生态工程协会 (卢布林分会) 

  • climatic 气候的
  • summer 
  • calculating 计算
  • formula 公式
  • greenery 绿叶
  • vegetation 植被
  • specifics 详细说明书
  • temperature 温度
  • technical 技术的
  • balance 平衡