The contributions of the Church in Byzantium to the Natural sciences. Byzantine astronomers and scientists
作者: Efstratios Theodosiou, Vassilios Manimanis, Milan S. Dimitrijevic
刊名: European Journal of Science and Theology, 2010, Vol.6 (4)
来源数据库: Organizatia Academica de Ingineria Mediului si Dezvoltare Durabila/Ecozone
关键词: Orthodox ChurchEastern ChurchByzantiumNatural sciencesByzantine monksMathematiciansAstronomers
原始语种摘要: In this paper, the Natural sciences in Byzantium and the contribution of distinguished scholars are considered. Since they usually were monks, famous schools were in monasteries, and works of antiquity were preserved in monastic libraries, the importance of the Church in Byzantium for Natural sciences is analyzed and demonstrated.
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  • 保藏的 重要性
  • 一般 著名的
  • Byzantine 拜占庭筑的
  • famous 法美联合大洋水下调查
  • antiquity 古代
  • importance 重要性
  • preserved 重要性
  • works 制造厂
  • demonstrated 探明的储量
  • paper 
  • distinguished 著名的
  • usually 著名的