Lern-/Leistungsmotivation und sozio-kulturelle Herkunft
作者: Una M. Röhr-SendlmeierAndreas JörisMatthias Pache
刊名: Bildung und Erziehung, 2012, Vol.65 (4), pp.459-476
来源数据库: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Co. KG
DOI: 10.7788/bue.2012.65.4.459
原始语种摘要: This study with a total of 306 fourth and tenth grade pupils focuses on the learning and performance goal orientation of children from families with low education and German or Turkish ethnic origin. General achievement motivation and approach performance goals were higher in Turkish pupils. Interactions resulted between ethnic group and gender such that Turkish girls showed especially strong learning goal orientation, whereas German girls and Turkish boys indicated increased avoidance performance goals. In case of working mothers, fathers participated more in household duties. A partial mediation effect was found between mothers’ working status and children’s approach performance goal orientation with fathers’ participation as mediator. The results are discussed with respect to culture...
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  • working 开采
  • learning 学识
  • household 
  • approach 
  • socialization 社会化
  • participation 参与
  • orientation 定向
  • performance 性能
  • especially 特别地
  • between 在中间