Effects of Passive Music Therapy on Lung Cancer Patients in First PICC Catheterization: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
作者: Qianqian MouXiuyun WangQiufen XiangJunying Li
刊名: International Journal of Medicine Frontiers, 2019, Vol.3 (1)
来源数据库: Damray Publishing
DOI: 10.20900/ijmf.20190001
关键词: Passive Music TherapyLung NeoplasmPeripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)Anxiety
原始语种摘要: Objective: To examine the effects of passive music therapy on anxiety and vital signs of first-time, peripheral-insertion central catheter lung cancer patients. (#br)Methods: A controlled randomized clinical trial was conducted. Three hundred and four lung cancer patients meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria were recruited and randomly assigned to either a test group or a control group. The control group received standard care only. The test group received standard care and passive music therapy while undergoing catheterization, with the interference time during hospitalization and for 24 h post-catheterization. (#br)Results: A variance analysis of repeated measurements showed differences in anxiety scores post-intervention (F = 68.55, p < 0.001), time (F = 938.86, p < 0.001), and...
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  • intervention 
  • statistically 统计地
  • diastolic 舒张的
  • systolic 脉动
  • blood 血液
  • exclusion 排除
  • significant 有效的
  • heart 心脏
  • Cancer 巨蟹座
  • music 音乐