Aggressive Thyroid Gland Carcinoma: A Case Series
作者: James P Dworkin-Valenti Esmael H Amjad Noah SternSamba SR Bathula
刊名: Archives of Otolaryngology and Rhinology, 2017, Vol.3 (4), pp.129-137
来源数据库: Peertechz Publications Private Limited
DOI: 10.17352/2455-1759.000064
原始语种摘要: In 2017 there were approximately 62000 new cases of thyroid cancer (TC) in the United States, with a death toll of less than 5%. This relatively low mortality rate is based on a grouping of all TC subtypes, which masks the small minority of patients with biologically aggressive tumors who have dismal prognoses for survival. The paper begins with a brief overview of TC variants relative to their alternative differential diagnostic characteristics, risk factors, and treatment options. We then proceed with presentations of 5 patients with different forms of aggressive TC, two of whom suffered from very rare collision tumor subtypes. Four of these individuals died of persistent disease, notwithstanding complex treatments with curative intent; the fifth patient suffers from metastatic disease...
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  • aggressive 侵蚀的
  • diagnostic 诊断的
  • gland 
  • dismal 浅沼泽
  • survival 生存
  • intent 意图
  • postoperative 手术后的
  • differential 差动的
  • treatment 处理
  • metastatic 新陈代谢的