Prophylaxis of implant-related infections by local release of vancomycin from a hydrogel in rabbits
作者: W BootC JiaoP G NikkelsB PouranM H van RijenM B EkkelenkampG M HänschW J DhertD Gawlitta
作者单位: 1UMC Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100 3584 CX, Utrecht, the
刊名: Eur Cell Mater, 2020, Vol.39 , pp.108-120
来源数据库: European Cells and Materials (eCM)
DOI: 10.22203/eCM.v039a07
原始语种摘要: Local prophylaxis with antibiotic-loaded bone cement is a successful method to prevent post-operative infections in patients receiving orthopaedic implants. No comparable method is available for uncemented implants. Therefore, a hydrogel consisting of hyaluronic and polylactic acids was evaluated in a rabbit model for delivery of antimicrobial agents to prevent post-operative infections.In a pilot study, the suitability of the in vivo model was assessed by testing the hydrogel as carrier material for antimicrobial agents.In the main study, the antimicrobial-agent-loaded hydrogel was evaluated for infection prophylaxis. Rabbits received a titanium rod intramedullary in the tibia after contamination with Staphylococcus aureus. The rods were coated with unloaded hydrogel (Gel), hydrogel...
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  • hydrogel 水凝胶
  • vancomycin 万古霉素
  • implant 离子注入
  • loaded 加负荷的
  • antimicrobial 杀菌剂
  • intramedullary 髓内的
  • operative 有法律效力
  • bioactive 对活质起作用的
  • prevent 避免
  • uncemented 未胶结的