Geochemical features of eastern Sicily lithosphere as probed by Hyblean xenoliths and lavas
作者: Sonia TonariniMassimo D’OrazioPietro ArmientiFabrizio InnocentiVittorio Scribano
刊名: European Journal of Mineralogy, 1996, Vol.8 (5), pp.1153-1174
来源数据库: Schweizerbart Journal
DOI: 10.1127/ejm/8/5/1153
关键词: SicilyHyblean Plateaumantle xenolithslower crust xenolithsSr-Nd isotopes
英文摘要: AbstractUpper mantle and lower crust xenoliths of Quaternary basanitoid lavas and Miocene tuff-breccias of the Hyblean Volcanic Plateau (HVP), southeastern Sicily, have been studied for their REE contents and Sr-Nd isotope composition. Mantle rocks mainly consist of spinel-harzburgites, spinel-websterites and monomineralic assemblages of Al-augite. Plagioclase-bearing xenoliths are two-pyroxene mafic granulites and subordinate anorthosites. Pressure estimates point to a depth ranging from the lower crust down to the spinel-peridotite field (at least 45 km); temperature varies between 800 and 1050°C.Mantle xenoliths have LREEn > HREEn, high Nd (0.51289-0.51299) and low Sr (0.70298-0.70334) isotopic ratios, suggesting the occurrence of LREE enrichment in relatively recent times. The...
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  • features 特征
  • lithosphere 岩石圈
  • eastern 东方的